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- Are you looking for short-term trading opportunities?

- Would you like to get trade alerts in your email a couple times a week?

- Do you want a constant flow of good swing trading ideas?

- Are you tired of all the services with big promises that don't deliver?

You Have Come To the Right Place

Let our Proven Trades Work for YOU and Start Winning

The Research Lab is A Service for Active Stock Traders and is the culmination of over 10 years of work. We will provide you with the stock picks, trade setups, and strategies to be successful in today's stock market.

We Specialize in Swing Trade Setups

If you are looking for actionable, high-probability swing trades based on technical analysis, you've come to the right place. This is our specialty.

We give you fully laid-out Swing Trades with EXACT entry, stop, and targets.

The setups are posted on a special "Pending Trades" page and an email alert is sent out with all the details of the trade and a link to the chart. Every aspect of the trade is planned and plotted in advance on the chart.

The Swing Trade setups and alerts we provide are the Number One reason most traders join our service. Your membership will pay for itself.

We look through hundreds of charts all day - and scan through thousands. Every day we know exactly what stocks and sectors are moving and what is going on under the surface of the market.

We provide email alerts for Trade Setups that will show up in your inbox or on your phone with all the details of the trade and a link to the chart. These are actionable, high-probability Swing Trades that will make you money.

The Research Lab is for daytraders, swingtraders and investors. Our log-in membership website provides actionable stock picks and high-probability swing trade setups every day.

Here are some Research Lab Features

Swing Trade Setups…

Actionable and accurate

The most popular aspect of the Research Lab is the Swing Trades we find for you. In the Trade Setups section you will get these swing trades served up on a silver platter. We provide a marked-up chart with exact entry, stop and target. We update each trade as it plays out and provide detailed analysis of each setup as well as a track record of past trades. Trade Setups include Email alerts. This one section alone is what most similar services offer as the extent of their service. Just one or two of our swing trades will pay for an entire year of the Research Lab. All swing trades are based strictly on technical analysis. You will see the details of each trade laid out right on the chart.

Real-Time Stock Scans…

Momentum – Alpha – Low Priced – Breakouts

Each Day our real-time scanner provides a list of Momentum stocks, Alpha stocks, Earnings Winners, Breakout Picks and my personal favorite, the Low Priced Stock Picks – presented on one screen called the Live Grid. Just open it up when the market opens and watch today’s winners pop in. The Grid is the best pre-programmed stock scan on planet earth. It automatically refreshes every two minutes with real-time data and shows you what will turn out to be today’s biggest percent gainers from the open. Prepare to be amazed.

Help and Strategy Videos…

Tips – Tricks – Secrets – Indicators

We include short Help videos that cover every section and every tool in the Research Lab. You will be up to speed in no time. In addition we have a section called Strategy Room Videos that show you exactly how to trade effectively on multiple timeframes. All our tips, tricks and secrets are in these videos. Your membership to our service also comes with ongoing education. We'll show you exactly how we time the market and how we find the right stocks to trade at the right time. You will learn more about technical analysis in a few weeks with us than if you spent thousands of dollars on those "educational courses" everyone else is selling.

Live Trading Room Broadcast…

Our 15 years of stock market and trading experience at your service

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we start our live video broadcast shortly before the market opens. We take the stock picks from the Grid and mark up charts with precision entries. We analyze charts on multiple timeframes and find great trade setups. We also take questions and comments from members and provide in-depth training and analysis. These are like live training sessions and you will learn more in a couple weeks of watching our live shows than you would reading dozens of books or attending expensive seminars. We also call out specific daytrades when they set up and show our trading methodologies and indicators.

Research Lab Blog…

This alone is worth the entire price

Each weekend since 2008, I have published the Research Lab Blog and it is an integral part of the service. Typically I start off with some market analysis and ideas on what to expect going forward. I use a proprietary short-term market timing model which is fully disclosed. Occasionally I include some tips and strategies for trading stocks or some insight into the current environment. Then, I post several charts, marked up with entries, stops and targets and explain the timeframe and logic behind these ideas. They are generally longer-term trade ideas and stocks with patterns that look prime for a move over time.

We Cover Multiple Timeframes

Track Record and Model Portfolios

We publish a long-term ETF portfolio based on market timing using the Monthly chart. This is a long-term buy and hold model portfolio of diversified asset classes. If you are a buy and hold, hands-off long-term investor, this portfolio and strategy is all you need. It is worth the price of admission alone.

But we actually specialize in short to medium term swing trading - a few days to a few weeks. One click from the Research Lab Homepage puts you in the Trade Setups, the heart of our service.

The Trade Setups section is where we stage "Pending Trades" with an exact Entry, Stop and Target(s). An email alert is sent out with all the details and a link to the annotated chart. These are actionable, high-probability trades with tight stops. Our targets tend to be agressive. Each trade is updated on the same page as it plays out. Once we have an "Open Trade" I update the chart and notes continually until the trade is closed.

In addition to this, in the Trade Setups I also publish "Setups to Watch". I'm an expert-level chart reader and look through charts all day. I hand-pick a few excellent setups each week and publish them as "trade ideas", and these frequently turn into official trades. The typical holding period for our swing trades is a few days to a couple weeks.

But quite honestly, the Live shows are where the real magic happens. We mark up trades live on our M-W-F shows for the most active participants in our service. Three times a week for three hours - We go through our Focus List of stocks and explain exactly what we are seeing on the chart. We take questions and comments and brainstorm on strategies, the market environment, and individual stocks that are "in play". On a typical day We find a few good daytrade opportunities as well. This is not a chatroom - it's live streaming video featuring charts.

A small but valuable section is our "Focus List" of high relative-strength stocks in the form of 30-50 ticker symbols you can copy and paste into your charting software, FinViz or a Level I screen at your broker. This focus list is stocks that are making money for traders this week - they are "in play" and should comprise your main watchlist.

It’s ALL INCLUDED – contact us for track record. The Research Lab is the last stock trading service you will ever join. Many of our members have been with us since the launch in 2008.

Here’s a look at the Home screen – Try it out and log in now.

If you are an active trader in the stock market,
our service is for you!

While many of our members are very active traders, you do not need to sit in front of the screens all day. We look through hundreds of charts all day every day to find you the best swing trades we can. Let us do the hard work to save you time and make you money.

Here's Why You Need to Try Our Service

We will give you a handful of swing trades served up in a silver platter that will pay for the whole thing many times over. Even if you don't use any other part of the service, you will want to get in on our swing trades.
We typically only have 1-3 open positions at any one time - and when one gets closed, expect a new email trade alert any day.
Our strategy is "hit and run" trading with select high-probability setups. We "lock-in" quick gains or take small stops - then move on to the next trade. We are not holding a bunch of open positions, which is how we locked-in over +20% gains in 2014.
Here's the best way to look at it.
In February I posted a trade and sent out the email alert. Go long at 41, stop at 39.30, target 47. If you took it with 100 shares, you are going to lose $170 or make $600 on the trade. (the next day we raised the stop to 41, then 44 and it hit the target three days later.
The nominal cost of our service isn't even important compared to what you would have made or lost taking that trade. What's important is that the trade worked and you would have made $600 which would have paid for the year - in just that one trade.
Yes we do also have trades that get stopped-out - no big deal. Our winners are always bigger than the losers and have been for years. One of the best benefits of the way we do things is that you don't have much risk at any given time. Remember we only have a 1-3 open positions at any time.
We had 66 trades in 2014 and focus on the highest probability setups.

Rather than making "tons of trades", we focus on quality setups and our stats prove we can generate respectable gains without overtrading.

If you have questions about any of this, email me.

Take advantage of this special deal right now so you can get in on the next trade. Over the course of the trial, our goal is to put you on a couple trades that will pay for a year of our service - with plenty left over to take your family out to a nice dinner.

What Makes Us Different?
Are you sick of all these 'gurus' that try to sell you some "secret indicator" or the "next best thing" to 'teach' you how to be a profitable trader? I've seen all the junk that passes for trading products these days.
What if you could cut through the BS and have someone actually go through charts and show you great setups and give you actual trades based on technical analysis?
Everyone is trying to sell you an educational video course or be your "mentor" and upsell you all kinds of things that aren't what you really want...
good trade ideas on stocks that are in constructive setups right now.
With all the garbage out there and the expensive "educational courses" and "proprietary indicators", having talked to hundreds of traders over the years I've discovered what they really want is....
"what stocks look good here and where would you enter and set the stop? What would be a good target? What stocks are at the top of your watchlist?
We cut through the BS and bring you good stock trades and ideas.
You will learn more about constructive chart patterns and how to analyze a stock in a couple weeks with us than if you spent thousands of dollars on expensive courses. And we are straight to the point, no fluff and no upsells - everything we have is included in this service.

Take the Research Lab for a test-drive for a month and you will be very impressed. Our our main goal is to provide you with actionable swing trade setups. Try it right now and we'll send your password to log-in immediately from any computer. Don't be surprised if you make the entire cost of a years membership in just a couple trades.

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